Keep Walking

Most often, a good part of our vacations or breaks are spent by walking and hiking around the places we land. Keep Walking is a series of posts about our walks and hikes.

In the hills, it is always an exploration with random walks/hikes with the help of digital maps and often taking interesting (and sometimes adventurous) detours. Like once when a never ending road in a valley in Himachal Pradesh prompted us to hike up a hill through a semblance of a path. A rather peak and slippery (with gravels) trail where we encountered a fierce dog, ready to pounce on us. Terrified, we froze on the path, as turning back and running down was even more dangerous. Thankfully, it was close to a house, that was in the middle of nowhere and the villager managed to pull the dog back.

In cities, we often try to find book hotels/homestays that allow us to explore the city on foot.

There is no better way than exploring a place by foot. So, Keep Walking.

(There are many more posts that needs to be updated here. It is a work in progress. Keep checking in)