“No Punjabi Dishes Please …”

If you happen to be in Ratnagiri and looking for good eating joints, here are some really compelling options.

hotel mithila

If you are a vegetarian, try Hotel Mithila. Excellent is perhaps an understatement. What we did was a breakfast and what we tried of course were the basic south Indian fare – idli, masala dosa, upma, vada, and sheera. Yet, it was simply awesome. Incidentally, some of their family members run an Indian hotel somewhere in the US, which is supposedly very popular.


For the non-vegetarians, try Hotel Amantran. It was a dinner affair for us here. True Konkan fare. Fish/seafood with various names, surnames, and initials. And it is Konkan all the way. No scope for any other variations. The board ‘No Punjabi dishes please’ says it all …


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