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    TGDC Tales: From Voters to Followers

    The clock is ticking. The next action begins on 3rd August. Till 5th, the next D-Day. But action for us has not stopped. We now have to start blogging on the TGDC website and we have done that. And we need followers too. So here is another request. Open this page, http://www.greatdrivingchallenge.com/ee/index.php/nomines/blog/unny-bindhu/ Click the Follow Us link and sign-up. Keep cheering us.

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    The Great Driving Challenge

    Mitsubishi, with its Indian partner Hindustan Motors is organizing a contest open only to couples. Couples who love travel, who can blog, photograph and drive. We have jumped at it. Close to 400 couples are in the list now and a 100 will be shortlisted based on the application forms. Shortlisted people will have to go through a second and third round of evaluation – details of which are not known now – and a final three teams will be selected. These three will have to travel 3000 km during a 10 day period, blog about it with videos and…