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    Handmade Homes and Homemade Meals

    First, identify the place/area to go. Then zoom into Google Maps to see the homestays, hostels, and hotels around. Shortlist a few and check for their websites and reviews, if any. This has been our way of finding stay options for a while. David Scott Trail trek was a key item in our Meghalaya itinerary. And we scoured the Google Maps to find a stay option in and around Mawphlang as it’s the starting point for the trek. Thus MaplePine Farm Stay happened to be our stay for two days in our week-long Meghalaya trip. James, the owner of MaplePine,…

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    Himalayan Safari Tales #4 – Srinagar to Kargil

    Most often during our travel experiences, taxi drivers turn good travel companions. Giving the local flavour to the many stories behind the places or simply by joining the conversations with their points of views or sometimes sporty enough to gauge the moods of the travellers and offering to take detours that might match their interest. This time however, we had a tad different experience. We had two vehicles for our group and a third vehicle joined with some other passengers and since the drivers knew each other, they decided to move as a convoy. A tightly packed schedule meant hurrying…

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    ‘Rising’ Eggs, Chicken, and Vegetables – Localising English

    ‘Chicken rises’ from your chicken fried rice – bewildering? Then how about having ‘omblate, seanveg’s, pelpuri, and banipuri’ for snacks? These are some interesting and bewildering menu options at some of Munnar’s street-side stalls. If language is to communicate, never mind these localisation of English. Because it does communicate. Especially if you are hungry. No price for guessing what a “Seanveg” is.