Making History

Next time when you turn your lens to that early morning golden rays of the sun or the mist drop at the tip of the leaf or the mystical eyes of the kid staring at you through the window, remember that you might be in the throes of making history. Yes. Making History.

Make History Foundation (technically De Metri Foundation), a non-profit initiative along with Lee launched a Photography contest last year in Europe. After some stunning photographs which found its way to Lee’s fashion book and storefronts across Europe, it is now in India. The contest is now in Asia Pacific region, which includes India. And the prize money – it will fulfill all your wishes to buy perhaps the best of cameras, the prime lenses, the zooms, teleconverters, filters, tripods, macros & micros and might even cover a photo shoot tour to the best of destinations in the world….. a whopping $40,000 – close to Rs. 20 lakhs.


And you don’t necessarily have to be a professional photographer. But then, you should be able to tell a few words. Together they make a story. Because history is not only important events and important people. It is recorded with songs and painted on canvas. It is told in stories. It lives in snapshots.


(An interesting photo titled 'What Love can do' from the collection)

I have set my eyes on all that photographic gizmos I can buy with 20 lakhs. And I have now started turning my lens more purposefully. And trying to see meaning beyond what my lens see. .. I want to Make History..

Check out the site http://www.makehistory-ap.com and the blog http://lee-make-history.blogspot.com/

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  1. he he … i was windering the same 🙂

    btw … when is the last date for the competition? somebody told me that it is already over (till 9th Jan)?

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