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A Day With Gen Y Rotaractors

Not too often you get some unusual travel opportunity where you get to spend on a training session for a bunch of energetic youngsters. To start with, this was not meant to be a ‘trip’. When one of our friends, a terrific training professional, mentioned about a two-day training programme, we volunteered to play some supporting role for him, though only for the first day. And quickly plugged into the itinerary was a drive to Pawna lake (17 km from Lonavala) next day for a dip and swimming.


Spending a day with these youngsters, listening to their aspirations, dreams, their drive & fire, and fears was a learning experience. Participating in their activities was invigourating as well.

Our offer to volunteer was driven by a selfish need of getting an opportunity to learn rather than teach. A well spent weekend for both of us.