Lonar: A Local Boy’s NASA Connection

Anand Mishra is not the kind of guide we often meet at the historical sites of our country. Conversant in English, knowledgeable about his job, punctual, and eager to learn from whatever sources, Anand perhaps reflects the spirit of the much-talked about new, small-town India. To top it all, he has a fellowship from NASA. More than what you expect in a sleepy, dusty, village-town of Lonar in central Maharashtra.


But then Lonar is not just a historical place. Far removed from the typical tourist circuits and itineraries, Lonar is a place where history, geology, astronomy, ecology, and mythology meet to give a unique experience for travel lovers.



Anand, a college-educated boy, takes travel lovers in and around the crater telling stories that are part history and part mythology with the same ease as he explains the science behind the crater, its coloured rocks, and the pH value of the water.


Apart from having local knowledge, Anand’s comfort with English has helped him land a post of being a local assistant to researchers from many international universities and institutions including NASA, who camp in Lonar every winter. And there lies his NASA connection as well. He certainly is proud about his connections and enjoying his job well.

4 Comments on “Lonar: A Local Boy’s NASA Connection

  1. Nice to read the article. I met Anand last Sunday. Guy is full of enthu, open minded, cool photographer. We nicknamed him “5 min”, use to say just 5 min to reach destination…Hope he remembers calling me “Mahi” & asking for hanky to clean face (J). Had great time. Thanks for all that.

  2. Anand bhaiya(Anand Mishra) is really a great guy…He is a local boy of lonar working under the project of NASA……He is really fluent in english….and holds a good knowledge in Earth Sciences regarding the crater….As we met we became good friends…..he is the local person connected with all the research works in the crater…..his sweet nature, hospitality is really great…..
    I am still missing the days…in rest house….and tasty food at gulmohar……….
    He is really a good, comfortable person and a real guide…..

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