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A Short Trek to Vyagreshwar

An ancient Shiva temple on a hilltop. Reaching there involves a medium trek. A waterfall atop adds to the excitement. The trek, organised by Nature Knights, had the added attraction of birding at Uran.

Taking more time than expected at Uran meant a delayed start for the trek. Our bus driver was not sure if the minibus would climb the narrow, steep roads to the base village. So we got out to reduce weight and walked one kilometer or so to the village. After shedding our weight, the bus also made it to the village.

After a short photo op with the curious village kids, we set out to the forest. It was late November and grass had already started drying up. Since the landscape was alternating between grasslands and small trees and bushes that were still green, we were not continuously exposed to the sun. So the heat was bearable.

With short breaks in between, it was past lunch time when we reached near the waterfall. From there, one could go a little further up to the temple or climb down to the waterfall. With hunger gnawing our vitals, we decided to lunch at the waterfall. Temple was conveniently forgotten. A few who were keen visited the temple, ignoring the temptation of the waterfall.

A dip in the water, group lunch, and a short nap – another sunday well utilised.

Vyagreshwar is near Pen in Raigad District.

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