A Slice of Italy

The Sula Vineyard Tour

It was there all the time. But never captured our interest until when a three-day weekend came and we had not made any plans. Driving to a nearby place became the only option, and the toss fell for Nasik. In Nasik, what?

Of the many things we planned to do in and around Nasik, there was one obvious choice – Sula vineyards. Rajeev Samant’s return from the US and setting up a vineyard & winery and making it a success is now a sort of legend atleast in the corporate circles. But raising a toast to this corporate success is not the reason people flock to this place. To know the reason, simply visit.


The sprawling farm overlooking the Gangapur dam at a distance is a sight to relish. With or without a glass of wine. The wine tasting tour comes at Rs 150/- per head. A tour around the winery and a tasting session of six wines is what you get. Apart from tasting some good wine, we did learn some new things as well.


For starters, we didn’t know that the grapes that one buy from the market are not the same as those used for wine making. Second, drinking and tasting wine is an art and a bit of science, for your body temperature changes it taste. Now we know how to enjoy fine wine – or so we think.


Hold the wine glass on its stem; Swirl the wine in the glass; Take a small sip; Spread it inside the mouth; Sense the flavours tickling the taste buds …

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  1. If this is how your unplanned holidays are like, your planned holidays must be delightful. Cheers!! Here’s hoping you have many more such jaunts.

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