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An Authentic Maharashtrain Fare

Food cooked and served by women always has that special taste. We experienced this at Hotel Amantran at Solapur. The restaurant at Hotel Srikamal International where we stayed was undergoing renovation. The hotel manager gave directions for some good Maharashtrain fare and a certain Hotel Kamath for the typical Shetty food. We chose to have a Maharashtrian dinner.

When we entered the hotel, it was a pleasant surprise to see women taking orders and serving. The semi-open kitchen showed women cooking too. Only mini thali and limited meals were available. We ordered one each and relished the soft chapathis, rice, and vegetables.


The array of laddus too looked tempting. Since we already had our fair share of Diwali sweets, we chose to give it a miss.

Updated on 14th. Photos of laddu 🙂


9 Comments on “An Authentic Maharashtrain Fare

  1. hey, theres a small hotel in chembur, actually a home-run affair, where the women take orders for authentic maharashtrian cuisine too!! they take your order and then begin cooking, and the food’s just great!!!!

    btw, no there’s no comment of yours on my parikrama blog….. but there was some problem with blogger, and even my comment took some time to get through,. so please do come back and leave another one…

  2. thanks everyone!

    we have seen similar initiatives in Kerala, where women self help groups (called ‘Kudumba Shree’, an initiative supported by government) running restaurants or snack bars.

    @nisha, ‘laddu’ photo is up there 🙂

  3. Women taking orders & serving is not very common. I heard it first time in India at least.

    The food is looking very yummy. You could have at least taken a shot of laddus. 🙁

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