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Chang La

Though we were on the lap of the mighty Himalayas for four days, snow was beyond our reach. We had longingly watched the glaciers from afar on our way from Srinagar to Leh. Our wish to play in snow was finally granted at Chang La or Chang Pass. At 17,586 ft, Chang La is the third highest motorable road in the world, the first and second being Khardung La, on the Leh–Nubra Valley road, and Tanglang La, on the Leh–Manali road, respectively.

En route to Pangong Lake, past the Shey village, Thikse Monastery, take a left turn at the military station of Karu. After the Chemde Monastery and Sakti village, comes the Chang La, managed by Indian Army.

Endless, narrow, rocky roads wind through the stark mountains, leaving behind breathtaking valleys and contrasting green villages. Isolated army settlements remind of ghost towns.

And we climb up, getting closer to the snow. Relishing every moment of it.

A small roadside hall set up by the army offers black tea to reduce the effects of altitude sickness. There are also souvenirs to pick up. Army also has put up toilet facilities.

The Trans-Himalayan region, highly inaccessible with near-impossible living conditions, is where the army personnel painstakingly stand guard to our country. It is  humbling.

Exhilarated at being at such height and thrilled at seeing the vast expanse of snow, we spent a long time at Chang La clicking photographs and playing in the snow. A board warns not to stay more than 20 minutes at such high altitude. So we reluctantly move on.

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  1. घुमक्कड व मस्ती दोनों साथ रहने से मजा ज्यादा आता है, बिल्कुल यही यात्रा मैंने भी बाइक से की थी जुलाई 2011 में।

  2. Just went to Leh and came back. We too had the chance to thoroughly enjoy the falling snow. Your writings too were simple lovely and good. It was nice reading it.

  3. wow!! its been ages since I even saw snow! this makes me want to go soon! and the pics are lovely! esp the third… love the contrast.. and the last!

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