Driving Through Dangs

Dang is a tribal district in South Gujarat, bordering Maharashtra. It is perhaps the tail of Western Ghats that stretches all the way up from Kerala through Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. A complete forest district, Dang in monsoons is nothing short of a bliss. Well laid and maintained roads snake through the teak forests and an occasional tribal hamlet.

Snake Road

Saputara is a tiny hill station in Dang, a few kilometers from the Maharashtra border. It is unlike any typical hill station. No colonial hangovers. Simple and very tiny. You don’t need a local transport.From the sunrise point to the sunset point to the lake, everything can be covered on foot. There are a few hotels, restaurants and shops. The tribal museum is also a must visit, though it is badly maintained.


Though Saputara can get crowded on weekends with visitors from Nashik and Surat, all that beautiful places just outside of Saputara are never in a regular tourist’s itinerary. The drive from Saputara to Waghai and Vandsa through spooky teak forests while raining are definitely worth one’s time.

Gira Falls

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