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Siamese Coconut Tree

This story will be done by a photo. Nothing to blabber. Nothing to explain.


Siamese Coconut Tree

We saw this coconut tree inside Sindhdurg Fort, Malvan in Maharashtra. This is the first time we saw something like this. Surprised. Amused.

6 Comments on “Siamese Coconut Tree

  1. This is extremely rare and a genetic mutation.
    I have seen a branched coconut tree like this in the Theosophical Society coconut grove at Adyar, Chennai, some years ago. When I went there recently especially to photograph it, I was told that one branch broke during the tsunami and the tree died later in a cyclone.

  2. Hey, I had seen something like this too. But that was in Ezhupunna, in Kerala. There was this coconut tree, with 4 separate crowns from a single stem. Wonder what causes it to grow like that.

  3. കെരതതിന്‍റേ നാടായകേരളതതില്‍അലലാെതവേെറ സഥലത്
    സയാമീസ്തെങ് ഒന്ടായതില്‍ഞാന്‍പ്രധിഷേധികുനനീ
    പടംകലകകി ആരാആ പടംപിടിഛേ?മറവന്‍

  4. Sindhudurgh is really interesting to visit , and the waters are fab

    did u manage to get to the private beach on the fort?

    had been there thanks to a friend who has his ancestral home close bye.

  5. is it siamese or a divorced the couple?

    anyway its interesting.
    famous malayalam director padmarajan showcased a tree like this in his movie “moonnampakkam” to change the mood of the movie. and it worked well.

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