Have Two Days? Try Option #134

While Outlook Traveller gives us 52 options to de-stress our weekends, in reality, the permutations and combinations of plans one can make out of that is far too many. So, if you are a travel lover, have two days and can manage your own conveyance, here is an option that will leave your senses rejuvenated and spirits recharged. Best done in September as the monsoons are just receding …

Junnar Road


A long drive from Mumbai through Pune (Chakan) to Narayangaon. From there, it is country roads through the fields and vineyards to Junnar. Climb the Shivneri fort. Stay in a local hotel. Drive to Ozar and Lenyadri the next day. Climb the Lenyadri hill to the ancient Buddhist caves, which got converted to one of the Ashtavinayak temples. From Lenyadri to Malshej Ghat, it is the winding roads flanked by unending green meadows and valleys that give you pure bliss and joy. From Malshej Ghat it is the well-known route to Mumbai via Kalyan.


Click here for the photo story of the journey.