Diwali 2007: Lonar

We prefer the subdued Diwali celebrations in villages rather than the high decibel gala in cities. So last diwali (2007) also saw us packing our bags, and this time it was Lonar that caught our fancy. An overnight bus journey to Aurangabad, and we were 145 km away from Lonar. After a 2-hour fruitless wait for the state transport bus, we caught a bus that took us a little closer to Lonar. One more bus, and 2 taxi-jeeps, the last one packed beyond imagination, and alas! Lonar was just a few kilometers away. The last stretch was covered in an auto. The original group was meant to be a large one, so we’d booked 16-bed dormitory at MTDC, the only accommodation available in Lonar. The final group had just four, and that meant 4 beds for each!


Whatever, the trip was memorable. Lonar crater, world’s only hypervelocity natural impact carter in basaltic rock, is a place where history, geology, astronomy, ecology and mythology meet to give a unique experience. One can get overawed by the facts about origin of the universe, trek down to the crater, listen to the stories around the many 12th century temples built around the lake, watch and listen to the hundreds of birds, walk through the unique forest surrounding the lake or take a 6-km walk along the rim of the crater. And at the end of the day, when night falls, lie on your back and do star gazing.

crater birds

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  1. Hi, I’m trying to plan a trip and going nuts trying to get information on the net. I don’t live in Maharashtra so I cant nip over to an MTDC place either. Is there some way I can email you and pick brains? Please? 😀

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