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More Than Meets the Eye

This is not an automobile review blog. And we are not automobile experts to review a car. As travel lovers, the recent drive on Grande MK II came as a pleasant surprise. It’s a pleasant surprise because whenever we book a  vehicle for travel, we make our non-preference of Sumo clear to the travel agent.


First thing that strikes us about the new Grande MK II is its majestic size. Park it near an Innova and see what we mean by majestic. Ok! Comparison with Innova might have a few eyebrows raising. All we want to convey is an image of standing with its head proudly held up high.


Maybe, the size is deceptive. We have been driving the small Tata Indica for long and were apprehensive about handling the big brother. Grande is as easy to drive in the city as it is on the highway. We drive through the chaotic by-lanes of Mumbai for an hour or so before hitting the highway. Nimble, agile, and easily maneuverable on city roads, Grande is perfectly stable on the highway and the ghats. Even at 120–130 kmph, handling is smooth and easy.


The powerful AC and the spaciousness—both have become characteristics of Tata vehicles. A six-footer, I found myself comfortably seated on the third row. The claim of ‘best in class third-row seating’ is absolutely valid. Fold the third-row seat, and there is enough space to dump everything required for a week or more of camping outside. Maybe, even a bicycle. We dump a few potted plants and some garden furniture. Voila! It’s as good as a balcony (by Mumbai standards).


Being quintessential travellers, we use various modes of transport. On long weekends, we travel in the range of 300–500 km from Mumbai and with a group of friends. Many a time, our non-touristy destinations are accessible only by unpaved, rugged roads. Grande MK II now seems to be the perfect fit for such travels as we don’t have to compromise on luxury during the drive or the uniqueness of our destinations.


As the advertisement claims, it is ‘More than meets the eye’ indeed.