Palaruvi Waterfalls and a Family Photo

‘Palarauvi’ is actually a misguiding name for a waterfall cascading down from more than 300 ft. Or for that matter, for any waterfall. ‘Pal’ means milk and ‘aruvi’ means stream in Malayalam. Perhaps the gushing milky white water in the middle of green foliage resulted in the name ‘Palaruvi’.



The water falls at such a high force that if not careful it could just push you down inside the pool. Nevertheless, bend and bare your back for a great massage.

Preserved by the local villagers, Palaruvi is yet another initiative that drives ‘responsible’ tourism. Palaruvi is in the laps of Western Ghats bordering Kerala and Tamilnadu, on the Kollam – Shenkottai road. A popular family tourist spot, incidentally it has separate falls for gents and ladies & kids


You reach the waterfalls after a long drive through the forest. The most abundant wildlife is as usual monkeys. Not surprisingly, they too come as families. Have a look at this photo.


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