Smallest Wildlife Sanctuary

Where is the world’s smallest wildlife sanctuary? It is right here in India, in Maharashtra. At 5.15 sq km, Mayureshwar sanctuary is the smallest WLS (that we know of). Once while returning from a road trip to Ajanta-Ellora, somewhere between the Pune – Ahmednagar road, we took to the country roads. With a vague idea of its location, we kept searching for Mayureshwar, unsuccessfully checking the map and asking almost anyone and everyone on the road. Finally, at a place that one would never imagine as a wild life sanctuary, we asked a few more villagers. Not a chance! Since the map told us it should be somewhere there, we decided to walk around and read the 3-4 boards at that ‘naka’ (junction). And there it was… ‘Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. 5.15 sqkm..’ and the names of few species animals and birds. The forest office closed, but one villager told us that we could drive though the mud-tracks inside the park.


Apparently, the area was declared as a sanctuary recently. The vegetation comprised mostly dry shrubs and small trees, and the land was more or less barren. Now we hope it would’ve changed. Whatever be the case, we spotted quite a few interesting birds, some hares, and deers – an impressive list for such a small and new sanctuary, compared with what we’d spotted in some well-known ones. Our driver was quite enterprising. Sensing our need, he drove the vehicle slowly and silently, himself looking for a movement here and there. He even allowed some of us to get on top of the vehicle, making the trip more memorable.

Disclaimer: No proof available to show this is the smallest WLS. 
At 5.15 sqkm, we presume this would be the smallest
WLS in the world


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  1. In fact, WLS and Bird Sanctuaries are taken as one count, even with the forest department of India and all other Books that list Indian WLS. Refer to books from the Google Library. Hope this clarifies the above – still what Unny and Bindhu found holds good as smallest in MH 🙂

  2. Perhaps yes, if you consider Bird Sanctuary as a Wild Life Sanctuary. But in the nomenclature, WLS and Bird Sanctuaries are referred separately.

    Thanks for the information.

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