• Fun

    Another Guess. What Is a Cabel Duck?

    Ask any biologist or an expert in ducks. They will tell you that there are a variety of ducks. Appleyard, Crested Ducks, Indian Runners, etc. But what is a Cabel Duck? Even experts are at a loss.   We found this board in a hotel in Mangalore. If you can guess this, leave a comment.

  • Places

    Pilikula: True to Its Name

    It is unlikely to see really energetic animals in a zoo. Especially the big cats. We don’t recollect any images of healthy animals from the zoos we have visited earlier. But Pilikula Biological Park in Mangalore surprised us with its exuberant tigers. There were four of them. And it was the mating season. Understandably, excitement abound. One pair was frolicking in the water and the other on the land chasing each other and taking a few breaks to watch the ones in water. For a change, some lively tigers in a zoo instead of the usual sad, emaciated ones!  …