Another Guess. What Is a Cabel Duck?

Ask any biologist or an expert in ducks. They will tell you that there are a variety of ducks. Appleyard, Crested Ducks, Indian Runners, etc.

But what is a Cabel Duck? Even experts are at a loss.


Cabel Ducks

We found this board in a hotel in Mangalore. If you can guess this, leave a comment.

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  1. Unny…i completely back you 🙂

    Particularly the story of ‘pen stealing’ banished to Mumbai…was some piece of fertile original thinking. Really we desperately need some good copywriters…considering that the better ones have changed professions…trust you got the drift!


  2. Harry,
    Please dont listen to Unny. He is among those mallu’s who doesn’t want other comrades to do anything worthwhile but just get lost in the literratti … & anyways .. all this will be usefull to fill up reams & reams of ppt slides on stupid brief that we get ..


  3. Hey Harry, I don’t know you but I must say your story was hilarious 😀

    BTW, another gaffe on a hotel notice, this time from Japan (why do these things happen only in hotels?):

    “Guests who would like to take advantage of the maid can do so in the mornings between 8:00 am and 11:00 am”

  4. Hey Harry,

    Unbelievable… can’t imagine how you could just blow up two words into a balloon of laughter.

    Ha… ha… ha…

    super cool ya.

  5. Yeah, Ashish’s comments were also too good. I did roll on the floor. Before i could get up, the second blow came from harry.

    For people who read ashish’s blog ( regularly knows that he has this uncanny ability to interpret all things that he sees while traveling in 13 different ways of intoxicating humour.


  6. Hi,
    I am back here thanks to Unny. And am I glad?
    Harry, this is a superlative effort. If you are half as good as this, I suggest you take up writing as a full time profession as Unny has suggested.
    Harry Nair reminds me of Pappu’s Cherian Nair in ‘Poochakkoru Mookkuthi’ 🙂
    Btw, Ashish was very creative too.
    Cheers guys, you made my day!

  7. Harry,
    Please resign your job and start writing. I have been telling you this for the last 4 years – ever since you wrote the story of a young man who was caught red handed while stealing a pen from his MD’s cabin and given a punishment transfer to Mumbai.
    India can afford to loose a media planner. But not a genius writer.

    If two words can fire your imagination to tell a story like this, I wonder what can happen with the ever inspiring trees, birds, mountains, rivers, clouds, rains, snow, spring, hills, sun, beaches, beautiful women and wine around us!!!

    This is a request, a plead, a prayer and if need be an order.



  8. As with everything else in life- There is a story behind this too.

    The story happened to Mr. Richard Saipu in late October 1972. Richard Saipu was going from Kerala to Goa when he had to make an unexpected stop in Mangalore. Since his wife was with him and they were “travelling as a couple” he decided to check into this decent looking hotel.

    Everything was going alright till their regular waiter decided to go home early because of a bad stomach. He was replaced by one Mr. Alfred Cabel.

    Alfred Cabel has been working in this hotel as a waiter for donkey’s years. He’s originally from Goa but he’s been deported to Mangalore for obvious reasons. He lives there with his dog Monty- the only thing that he loves and that loves him back in this whole world- again am assuming because of obvious reasons.

    Now the service in this hotel is pretty pathetic..pathetic as in P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. And it has to been mentioned here that if there is anyone who single handedly keeps the service level in this hotel what it is , its Alfred Cabel – the one man army who diligently works day and night without break to ensure that the service level never rises.

    Its said that the English as a race are a patient people. Richard Saipu was the most patient of them all. But then history stands witness to how one lone Indian can pull down the mighty British from their lofty heights. It happened in 1940s and then it happened again in that late October of 1972.

    Two hours into their acquaintance Richard Saipu had a life changing experience. From an old time patriot who lost a leg for his country and a veterinarian who is loved by all in his community, he became a fuming frothing beast whose only goal in life was to kill that paragon of hotel service- the one and only Alfred Cabel.

    Their fight was one of epic proportions- one that old timers in Mangalore still remember. They would have equated this with Capt.Ahab’s hunt for Moby Dick had they read Melville, but thankfully none of them had read that novel.

    After chasing Cabel for quite sometime all around the hotel and through half of Mangalore, Richard Saipu’s got his one clear shot-He was close enough to a fast-tiring Cabel to take aim and throw his walking stick.

    It must be said here in all his years of throwing his walking stick into the holder standing across the room Richard Saipu had never missed. But on that faithful day Cabel did something that the walking stick holder never did …something that Richard never could anticipate…..Cabel ducked!!

    A fuming Richard limped back to his hotel room,checked out and left India for good,vowing never ever to return…but not before he put up a warning board to future generations who come to that hotel..the board said “Cabel Ducks”

  9. Maybe a religious fowl – a cabal duck.
    Maybe a connection point – a cable dock.
    Maybe an interior decoration – a cobbled deck.
    Maybe a telegram – a cable daak.
    Maybe a night taxi call system – a cab bell dark.
    Maybe a bad hair day – cap le, dork.
    Maybe covering the cow noises – a cow bell dhak.
    Maybe a sexual marathonner – a capable dick.
    Maybe a versatile biotech – computer institute – C-ABLE-DAC
    Maybe a munnabhai mumble – Kya bole, doc.
    Maybe the resident pet – a cabin dog.
    Maybe a reason why there’s no tv – the cable’s dug
    Maybe A nebraska outdoor equipment demo – a Cabela dig

    could be so many things… 😉

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