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The Dosa Effect

The Dosa Effect is not as profound or complicated as those in the science—the Doppler Effect, Raman Effect, Faraday Effect and the like.

The Dosa Effect is simply the impact Dosa lovers can create on your website traffic.

We wrote about the Pai Thattukada of Cochin and its famous 36 varieties of dosas. Pai Thattukada is a famous eatery in Kochi (Cochin) for the past few decades. Of the 36 special dosas they make, one of them is called the Thattil Kutty dosa. We don’t know whether this is a unique recipe or this is available in other eateries as well. Nevertheless, Thattil Kutty dosa became more famous and a craze after the release of the Malayalam movie ‘Salt n Pepper’ in July 2011. A romanitc comedy, Salt n Pepper was a surprise hit and one of the biggest grossers of the year. The remake rights for the film in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu has been already acquired. And ‘Thattil Kutty Dosa’ happens to be the key in the movie, around which the story develops.

A good amount of traffic to this website comes from Google Search where people search for keywords. Since July 2011, the largest contributor of Search traffic to this site is none other than ‘Thattil kutty dosa’ and its variants.

Over 350 people seem to have landed on this while searching for Dosa. Some of the other variants of keywords are

Cafe Coffee Day says ‘A lot can happen over a coffee’. But a lot more can happen over a bite of a tasty Dosa.


5 Comments on “The Dosa Effect

  1. Never been to this eatery. Noted for future reference. Watched the youtube on thattil kutti dosa. The dosa maker is amazing. Loved the acrobatics in skilfully flipping the dosas on to the plate.

  2. I do not know most of the places in Kochi, but I will remember Pai Brothers Lane, M.G. Road. My flat in Kakkanadu is getting ready, reading your Jan. 2011 blog about Pai Brothers Dosa, I want that flat at the earliest, so that I can taste all those dosas, one by one. Your photos are mouth watering. (Vayil Kappal Odounnu).

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