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Triund: Walk Above the Clouds

It’s time to get ready for monsoon treks. What better time than now to reminisce one of the awesome monsoon treks we did! Triund in McLeod Ganj is a popular trek in all seasons. It was pouring when we did this trek.


About 4 hours of walk and climb, peering at the path ahead through raindrops, trying to admire the beauty of the misty valley below, listening to the guides explaining how seasons change the look of this wonderful landscape—painting it red when the rhododendrons bloom, spreading a white sheet when it snows, and of course turning it all green in rains—and Triund is upon us. You think the last steep climb took your breath away, but no, it was the invitingly beautiful green plateau surrounded by magnificent peaks that made you breathless.



Dharamasala in Himachal Pradesh is known for McLeod Ganj, the abode of Dalai Lama. But we mainly looked forward to the trek, and the rains added to our excitement. It was raining nonstop from early morning. While waiting for the guide, two from our group decided it was best to sip hot tea and enjoy the rains from the balcony. So it was a five of us and two guides. Guides are not necessary for this trek as there is no way you can lose way.

Our cottage was close to Dharamkot, from where the trek to Triund starts. It is a moderate but long trek. So there we were climbing at a leisurely pace. It was raining throughout the way up. Getting rid of ponchos and raincoat and getting drenched fully was more appealing but our gadgets needed protection from rain.


We had a breakfast stop at a private guest house. Our guides had packed puri, potatoes, and black tea for us. Energised, we set out for the gradual climb.

There were small streams to cross on the way
There were small streams to cross on the way



On the way are a small village and a couple of shops selling tea, snacks, and souvenirs.


We reached Triund by lunch time and tucked in a hot lunch of rice, lentils, and pickle at the shack on top. As we finished lunch, rains took a breather so we could enjoy the breathtaking beauty and explore the plateau. For some reason, there were no other trekkers that day, except for a couple of dogs and a horse. So we had the entire plateau to ourselves. On the way back, we saw people going up, perhaps to camp overnight.




08Rain continued its break while we climbed down. And the cameras were clicking away to compensate for hiding inside on the way up.



Sore muscles, numb feet, and exhilarated mind were what we got at the end of the day!

At about 2800 m above sea level, Triund is part of the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas. It is considered to be the most accessible in the entire Himalayan range. From Triund, one can trek to Ilaqua glacier or further ahead to Indrahar Pass. Or camp overnight at the plateau in the forest rest house (if you are lucky enough to get space) or in the shack. Other options are to pitch a tent or sleep in the open (depending on the season, make sure you are adequately covered). We didn’t do any of these as we had to say bye to McLeod Ganj the next day. But we hope to do Triund again when it snows.

McLeod Ganj to Dharamkot will take about 2 hours by foot or half an hour by cab.

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  1. Whao beautiful. I’m not sure if getting drenched in he rain in the Himalayas would be much fun though. It would be so cold! In our Sahyadris, it’s a must however!

    1. Thanks, Neeraj. It was not that cold. But rain and Sahayadris, yes, that’s a terrific combination. 🙂

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