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A Motley Crowd and a Mighty Mountain

A Sunday morning. A motley crowd in their 20s to 40s. A mighty mountain – Gorakhgad.

We cribbed about the hot sun and the lack of rain only to realise later that descending would’ve been difficult had it rained. The wind at the top was strong enough to blow one away. One of us was reluctant to remove her backpack fearing she might lose her balance. Climbing down was a little hard at a few points especially for the first-time trekkers. Sliding down was the choice of many. But as usual Nature Knights pulled it off.

A dip in the stream at the base marked the end of this well-spent Sunday.

Click the Photo below to see the pictures from the trek …


Gorakhgad Cover

7 Comments on “A Motley Crowd and a Mighty Mountain

  1. Hey Unni and Bindu,

    Just saw the pics album… actually all of us at UTVi saw it together. Lovely pics… in fact all of us were remembering how difficult it was… but plan to come back again.

    But must say lovely pics.

    And the next time we come would love to have you two accompany us.


  2. unny and bindu

    1st of all i must say a big thank you to you guys for making our trip a memorable 1…..especially bindu…the incident where i had asked bindu to sit down or else she would fall down coz i was so scared brings a smile on my face.The pictures are amazing n really bring back the beautiful memories of the trip….
    looking forward to meeting u guys up on treks to come….keep up the good work!!!!


  3. Unny & Bindhu,


    Thanks for the wonderful trip, it was indeed one of the most exciting and a memorable trip i have undertaken with such good people. Gr8 experience!

    I m glad you could capture the entire trek at all stages. I was actually waiting for your pics to be uploaded as i knew u wud have it all! We relived the great moments with it :).

    Look forward to more such adventure trails with you lovely couple and many more lovely people.

    Keep Walking!

  4. Hi Shivani,
    Thanks for the comments. It was a great a trip and getting to know you all.

    Hi Arif,
    It was great knowing you. We were surprised that you you have been tracking us and Nature Knights for a long time.

    We hope to see you in Mumbai as soon as you decide enough is enough with the desert and the bank balance 🙂


  5. Unny and Bindu,
    it been a pleasure to see the pictures and it was very nice to see and meet you both in person. I am indeed happy to see individuals like you; who are so committed to your beliefs and are out of the matrix.

    Arif Khan

  6. Hey Unni, Great pictures! Recreated the whole trip like a good story teller. Warm Rgds to Bindu

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