There Is a Little Bit of Bisleri in Everyone’s Life

A travel snippet of a different kind… some Bisleri moments.

Brought to India in 1965 by Signor Felice Bisleri, bought over by Parle in 1969, ‘Bisleri’ has become another name of bottled water. Wasn’t there at least one Bisleri moment in everyone’s life?

Reportedly, Ramesh Chauhan, the person responsible for building the brand and making it synonymous with the product, wants to buy back the Limca Book of Records from Coca Cola and rename it as Bisleri Book of Records. Coca Cola got the rights to the Book when it bought out Limca and a few other products from Parle in 1993. Chauhan apparently believes that Coca Cola did not pay as much attention as deserved by a brand like Limca. Let’s wait and watch how this unfolds …

Whether the Book of Records become Bisleri’s or not, here is our own Album of Bisleri Moments captured during a Nature Knights trip to Navgaon. Click the Bottle below.



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