Cottages by the Sea. Seeing Is Disbelieving!

We reached Malvan on the third day of a Konkan trip. Being a popular tourist destination, we didn’t bother to book accommodation. Armed with a list of ‘home-stays’ and their telephone numbers, given to us by our home-stay owner at Kunkeshwar, we started calling up these places soon after we reached Malvan at noon. We were all damn hungry, but decided that it would be safer to find a place to stay before anything else. This later proved right.

AD, the only person conversant in Marathi in our team, called up the first number. The person attended the call asked us to call up later as the manager was not there. So AD tried the second one on the list. Alas! The same person who attended the first call picked up this one also. We still wonder if they listed the same place under two names. The third one, Dattkrupa, sounded promising with cottages by the seaside. And excitement unbound. We imagined how we would spend the rest of the evening. Step out of the cottage and play at the beach. Or just outside your room, lie down on the white sands listening to the waves and counting stars. So we took to the by-lanes of Malvan to find Dattkrupa. We turned left and right through the narrow lanes, reading the boards announcing directions to home-stays and hotels, Dattakrupa being one of them. The arrows finally took us to this promising place dotted with a few dilapidated wooden huts in a deserted place. Not a single soul. A local boy opened some of the rooms and showed us. It was an exact replica of makeshift rooms made of tin metal and wood in large construction sites. Except that there are cots and damp beds. Seaside cottages indeed they were. Beach was only a few metres away. We certainly were not confident in staying there overnight.


Hungry and tired, we set out searching for a better place and found a home-stay with basic facilities. No beach nearby, but it was tucked away in a quiet village neighbourhood. After checking in, we sped away to dig into sumptuous malwan delicacies and make up for the compromise we had to make about that night’s stay. We came back only late in the night to hit the sack.

Ps: The photo is from Internet sources and not from our personal album

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  1. Anannya,

    Malvan delicacies implies it is non-veg. I was the only veggie in the group of 7. All others were rolling on the number of non-veg delicacies. It is ‘We’ who enjoyed it. Not ‘me’ 🙂 The blog is also written by ‘Us’ (2).


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