Dandeli: A Crocodile Tracking Trail. Also Some Birding

Crocodiles, it is said, prefer dirty water. And the West Coast Paper mill at the banks of Kali River in Dandeli is pushing it down the river all the time. We are parking the environmental debate aside for the time being.


Rajesh (our guide) had been warming us up on the idea of a short trail spotting crocodiles in the river. So we set aside a half day for this. A little over a kilometer from Dandeli town is a small village temple by the banks of the river. We started our trail through private farm lands, moved along the jungle, walking carefully with an eye on any movement in the water.


Ten in the morning is certainly late for tracking crocodiles, for when the sun is up, most of them return underwater. We did spot quite a few heads above the water, slowly floating. A few ducked into the water, the moment they heard a sound. Finally, we saw one resting on the opposite bank, oblivious of us watching.


But the crocodile trail turned out to be an interesting birding trail as well with a wide variety of birds feeding on the aqua life.

The complete Photostory here

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  1. this is quite interesting. the time when i spotted crocodiles so near and gaped at their awesome jaws is at ranganthittu 🙂 not to mention the croc farms in parassinikkadavu.

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