Himalayan Safari Tales #1 – Srinagar: The Day After the Curfew

Srinagar was waking up after intermittent curfew days. The roads were so crowded and jammed that it took more than an hour from the airport to the Dal lake. Everyone was in a hurry to get the work done and be back in the safety of their houses, for no one knew when the curfew would return. Buses were packed to the brim that many were even sitting on the roofs and hanging on to the ladders at the back. Army jawans tried helping the local traffic police in managing the traffic. But it was chaos mostly.



We began our 2-week long Himalayan Safari from Srinagar, which we chose to acclimatize before exploring the higher parts of Himalayas that lie in Ladakh ranges. The warm city, calm Dal lake, friendly locals, great food, and of course, the mesmerizing natural beauty warmed us for the safari ahead.


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  1. Its great that you did not get caught in srinagar during the trouble and even better that you returned before the flood!

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