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Jadhav Gadh. Exuding Old World Charm

As we approach the entrance, the doorman ceremoniously lifts the bugle and plays. A little embarrassed, we enter the fort. More welcome ceremonies follow. A lady applies sandal paste on our foreheads while a gentleman waits with perfumed towels.


Located at about 20-odd km from Pune, off the Pune-Saswad road, this fort-converted-hotel is run by the Orchid Group. An eighteenth century fort built by Pilaji Jadhavrao (a famous general of in the army of Chatrapathi Shahuji, grandson of Chatrapathi Shivaji), Jadhavgad is small and less splendorous compared to other Maratha forts. But it has a quaint charm and the redevelopment is done in a way that retains and accentuates this. The original fort had only one building and an outer wall. Deluxe rooms and suites built along the wall gives a feeling that we are indeed in a fort. The royal bedroom is now the royal suite. Royal tents that dot the campus suit those who prefer a little bit of outdoor experience.


This resort is also considered as world’s first museum hotel. A museum named Aai (mother in Marathi) displays rare, historic items from the personal collection of Mr Kamat who owns the Orchid Group. An interesting visit. Photography is not allowed inside the museum.

Chajja, the multi-cuisine restaurant offers a fine spread. Small eaters we are, we couldn’t give justice to the buffet lunch. But whatever we stuffed ourselves with was excellent. Another dining option is the open-air restaurant Payatha that serves traditional Maharashtrian fare.


A tour of the Fort will make your pocket lighter by Rs 500. But this can be adjusted against the restaurant bill. The lunch buffet at Chajja was Rs 650 plus taxes (without alcohol).

The descendants of Chatrapathi Shahuji live close by and the Orchid Group has taken the Fort on a 99-year lease. And they’ve done a good job in preserving it.

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  2. hi thomas.
    we went to see the fort. since we it is a hotel also, we knew we will get lunch :-). we are doing good. how about you both ? saw your brilliant tiger photos in Tadoba. When we went, we just had a glimpse of one.

  3. A fort cum hotel, seems like a nice place. You went to see the fort or for having lunch or both ?

    I m coming to your blog after quick a while, how are you guys doing !

  4. Anu: Thanks. You can plan a one-day trip. 🙂

    kirigalpotha: Thanks. 🙂

    PNS: Thanks. We’re sure you’ll dig out more historical information from there. 🙂

    Trotter: Thanks. Will check out Ephesus Masterpieces. 🙂

  5. Hi Bindhu! This looks great!!

    Thanks for your comment at Blogtrotter Two, which is showing the Ephesus Masterpieces for you to enjoy; I’m sure you’ll be impressed!! Have a great weekend!!

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