Hit That Trail

Happy to tell our readers that we were part of a team commissioned recently by India Today & Maharashtra Tourism to publish an Annual Volume on travel called India Today Maharashtra Tourism Guide.

Our contribution was an essay on all Trekking options in Maharashtra which was covered under a section called Special Interests.

The issue was out in August and is available with a cover price of Rs. 100/-

We were particularly happy since we have been travelling across Maharashtra ever since we came to Mumbai and feel previleged in getting this opportunity.

13 Comments on “Hit That Trail

  1. Hi Unny, Excellent work. I am too impressed reading your article.. you did it.
    I should join you for a trek ..will do as I visit India

    Takecare, Pavana

  2. Congrats! Been a regular follower of your blog from the day i landed in Pune 2.5 yrs ago. Wish i had known that India Today was coming out with this supplement. Hope i manage to get this copy somewhere…

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