In Chikoo County

If you can’t travel or drive too much and all you need is a quite weekend getaway from Mumbai, then you can try option no #85, Bordi. That’s what precisely we did.  When a family friend wanted a weekend break to introduce their one-year old son to outdoors, we scoured our maps, books and internet to pick a place.


Bordi has a 17-km long beach. Chikoo and vegetable farms dot the quiet village. Hills towards the east and a small dam. More importantly, we haven’t been there. And, MTDC has a resort in Bordi. A perfect combination. At about 180 km from Mumbai, it is convenient for a drive or a train journey.


Bordi retains the charm of the small village that it is (though we did not go into the ‘town’ part of this village) with a broad road running parallel to the beach flanked by old Parsi bungalows, farms and some old buildings that have turned hotels and resorts. While most resorts are on the eastern side of the road, MTDC as ever occupies a prime property on the beach side. On its boundary, the beach starts.

MTDC resorts have never disappointed us. They are about utility value and value for money. No fancy stuff. Simple rooms and clean toilets. Restaurants are often contracted out and one has to expect some extended waiting, especially on weekends when a staff of 3 trying to serve 16 or 18 roomful of guests. Yet, no complaints.


All you can do at Bordi is to just relax. Take a stroll along the long beach. And when you get tired, lie on your back, gazing at the stars.


Place: Bordi in Maharashtra. Bordi is on the North Konkan coast, at about 180 kms from Mumbai towards Gujarat.

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  1. Hi Anurita,
    Bordi has a fairly long beach (it is said 17km). We went to the area behind the MTDC resort and it was clean. I suppose some spots are dirty, though we have not seen it. We were also told by many people that the beach is dirty. It is a misnomer.


  2. Hi Unny!
    I was reading your experience of Bordi. Quite interesting. Planning to visit Bordi in next two weeks. Read some other reviews also. People have written that the beach is not clean enough, rather dirty and as a result, u cant enjoy the beach. Is it true?

  3. Bordi – WOW, its looks like a hidden tranquil heaven. That sunset shot is breathtaking. Wonderful.

    Hot Tip : Try and post your best shot as the first image in the post since most directories show only the first image and it is preferable that its your best, I learnt this the hard way.

  4. Well, if you’re going to insist on calling a hillock a hill, then Bordi also has hills to offer. They also have a unique experience called Hotel Hill Zill, if you will!

    You would be hard pressed to get an acceptable meal anywhere in Bordi – a much much better option is Dahanu (also Chickoo country) which at least has Hotel Pearl Line and Hotel Beach Side (excellent Chicken Tikka Masala – after all a Sardarji is in charge).

  5. i think it is not just about beaches. it perhaps that both beaches and hills are accessible at short distances.
    kerala also has this unique combination, given its geograhpy

  6. i guess one of the big differences between blore and mumbai is beeches! i luv beeches and thats one thing i badly miss in blore 🙁

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