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Of Faith & Creativity (the Divine Tree)

With countless number of Gods & Goddesses (83 million by someone’s estimates or 830 million?), roadside stones and trees turning to temples is not new in India. There is no rural-urban divide in these phenomena. All that matters is faith.


This interesting tree apparently has a mild resemblance to Lord Ganesha’s trunk. It is clear that the clever and creative painting is what brings it live. Nevertheless, the Ganesha tree has already started attracting attention of travellers and is listed in the ‘must-see’ places in and around Bordi.


We saw this in the Bordi-Asavali road, about 2 km from the MTDC resort at Bordi.

Also see a Faith & Creativity II – A huge Ganapathy created out of a massive rock face in Matheran hills.

Place: Bordi in Maharashtra. Bordi is on the North Konkan coast, at about 180 kms from Mumbai towards Gujarat.

5 Comments on “Of Faith & Creativity (the Divine Tree)

  1. This is pretty cool!! Got to love the creativity of the artist who saw that and painted it orange.

    Nice post

  2. Beautiful. Yes we try to find Lord Ganesha every where, including vegetables. I have a request. Always provide the geographic location of the places you visit. We do not know where Bordi is.

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