In the Race …

The first hurdle is over. We are in the race. As one among the 100.

Thanks for everyone who voted for us.

As the digital clock ticked seconds on the TGDC website on 20th July, we anxiously waited hoping that as it turns 1.00 pm, the home page will transform into a list of names and we have to search through the 100 names. But Sandip had one more trick up his sleeves. Sure the home page changed. But to some 100 blocks of letters. One had to click each of those letters to find whether he/she is in the race. And after some random clicks, when the heart beat started racing, we started clicking one by one from the start. And voila. When the 4th letter ‘R’ magically turned to be us, we smiled at them with some narcissistic pleasure.


Getting into the next 9 from the 100 is certainly not easy. Nothing can be done now. It is just wait and watch to be plain lucky.

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