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Kala Ghoda 2013 Diaries – #3: The Auto Show

Decorated or redesigned vehicles are part of KGAF every year. Of all the vehicle installations at this year’s KGAF, “Birth Story of Vespa” stood apart.



This installation represents the famous Vespa scooter. It brings out the similarity in form that the Vespa shares with wasp. Vespa is Italian for wasp.


A good option to reduce pollution and consumption of natural resources but cycling on Mumbai roads can be suicidal


Artist Hetal Shukhla says the “poor artist syndrome is oudated, boring and uncool. The new artist wants CHANGE.”


Eleven-year old Dev Mehta reflects the ever-changing colours of Mumbai on this car


Varsha Pandit and 1B art students of Jamnabai Narsee School depict the dreams and aspirations of the city on this “dream wagon”


Akshay Patel wonders if the increasing fares will trigger the return of erstwhile “pull rickshaws”

DSC_0143If pull rickshaws return, this will be a thing of past. By Puja Arora

8 Comments on “Kala Ghoda 2013 Diaries – #3: The Auto Show

  1. Beautiful pictures. I fell in love with Vespa which was perhaps the first scooter on Indian roads. Mopeds were already there. The one which I rode was a Lambretta Scooterette. I remeber the earliest power driven Cycle which had an engine named Berini made in Holland.

  2. I like the bicycle!

    The first rickshaw photo is nice but I wonder why Varsha Pandit chose a rickshaw to depict the dreams of the city…

    These days, when the rickshaw meter is down, the stress “meter” goes up, no?!

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