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Kalaghoda Diaries: Part 3 – The Studio Potters’ Market

A new addition this year is the Studio Potter’s market.


Studio Pottery is about modern artists working as individuals or groups. Typical studio pottery is mostly table ware or cook ware, but artists explore many non-functional or sculptural items.


The potter’s market threw a variety of artifacts. Vinayaka seemed to be the flavor of all times. (and perhaps all artists). He came in various postures and various sizes, limited only by the sculptors imagination. Crawling, lying supine…


Playful pottery by someone was about funny cartoon characters moulded into puppets and clay animals. Studio potters work with various clays – terracotta, low fired earthernware, high fired stoneware and porcelain making functional ware for home, kitchen, sculpture and murals.


Some of them had their motorized potter’s wheel giving a chance to many visitors to try their hands on clay.