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Kalaghoda Diaries: Part 2 – Altamash Gaziyani’s Clay Magic

At 13, Altamash Gaziyani is just like any other neibhourhood boys. Except that he does a few things more than an average 13 year old. He loves reading Tintin and Shakespeare at the same time. And its not just cooking that he loves to do with his hands. It is also about some magical poetry in clay.

That’s why he was there at Kalaghoda 2009. Clay Magic was where Altamash preseted his creations in clay. Altamash was excited to be there in the festival. The twinkle in his eyes while demonstrating, making his wares and selling it says it all.


Kalaghoda Arts Festival is certainly turning out to be interesting year after year. Giving the platform for many budding artists in many fields, while giving a feast for the rest of us.

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  1. Yeah. He is young. I didn’t take any specific photo focussed on the products. While focussing on the creator, i forgot the creations 🙂

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