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    Kala Ghoda 2013 Diaries – #2 Danger Art

    Skulls, skulls, and more skulls. This year’s KGAF  was dotted with skulls, most of them made of electronic waste.   This is one of the seven Kapala’s totems installed at KGAF 2013. These totems by Sukant Panigrahy invoke awareness of the dangers of electronic waste. Of the seven, six were made using electronic waste. One totem was made of organic materials or natural waste.  

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    Kalaghoda Diaries: Part 5 – Magic with light @ Asiatic Steps

    While Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy weaved magic with their vocal chords, guitar strings and drums, the façade of Asiatic library had its own way of being the part of the magic. Two smart guys (they were introduced at the podium, but we forgot their names) behind the stage (in fact perched at the top) were managing this extraordinary show. Various colourful patterns were projected on the wall. Our national flag and flags of other countries,  heart symbol  saluting the Valentine’s Day,  and a variety of images were simply beautiful.

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    Kalaghoda Diaries: Part 4 – Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy magic & Farhan Akthar surprise

    Someone wrote in a travel note recently that “as you climb the curving stone steps towards the reception of the Asiatic Society library you feel you are ascending into loftier, ethereal regions”. We have not been to the inside of the library. But ascending to another world – yes, sometimes it is possible. Especially when the steps turn into an amphitheatre to watch the captivating performance by some of the best talents from the world of music. This time it was Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio. We wonder if the Asiatic steps ever acted host to so many people. When the steps could…

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    Kalaghoda Diaries: Part 3 – The Studio Potters’ Market

    A new addition this year is the Studio Potter’s market. Studio Pottery is about modern artists working as individuals or groups. Typical studio pottery is mostly table ware or cook ware, but artists explore many non-functional or sculptural items. The potter’s market threw a variety of artifacts. Vinayaka seemed to be the flavor of all times. (and perhaps all artists). He came in various postures and various sizes, limited only by the sculptors imagination. Crawling, lying supine… Playful pottery by someone was about funny cartoon characters moulded into puppets and clay animals. Studio potters work with various clays – terracotta,…

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    Kalaghoda Diaries: Part 2 – Altamash Gaziyani’s Clay Magic

    At 13, Altamash Gaziyani is just like any other neibhourhood boys. Except that he does a few things more than an average 13 year old. He loves reading Tintin and Shakespeare at the same time. And its not just cooking that he loves to do with his hands. It is also about some magical poetry in clay. That’s why he was there at Kalaghoda 2009. Clay Magic was where Altamash preseted his creations in clay. Altamash was excited to be there in the festival. The twinkle in his eyes while demonstrating, making his wares and selling it says it all.…

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    Kalaghoda Diaries: Part 1 – The Heritage Bus Ride

    This year Kalaghoda Festival started literally on a high for us. Perched on the open upper deck of a double-decker bus, we went on a heritage ride through the city (the southern part of Mumbai and the original city). And we enjoyed every moment of the ride. Starting from the Regal circle, near Prince of Wales Museum, the ride covered some of the best-loved landmarks – the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai University, Marine Drive, Asiatic Society… The trip was organised (as part of Kalaghoda Festival) by The Bombay Heritage Walks team, founded by two city-based architects…