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Mighty Harischandragad and Magnificent Konkan Kada

We have heard a lot about Harischandragad and Konkan Kada. The former is a temple and hill fort at over 4,500 ft above sea level. At one end of the Harischandragad plateau, the land suddenly drops to over 1,800 ft. This semicircular cliff, Konkan Kada, offers an unhindered, spectacular view of plains all the way to Konkan. Sunset at Konkan Kada is a view to behold, so we were told.


Harischandragad has been on our trekking bucket list for a few years. Last time when Nature Knights organised this trek, chickenpox stood in our way. This time, we did it!

DSC_9779It took us about 4.5 hours of climb to reach the Harischandragadeswar temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.




We started trekking in the middle of the day, having started from Mumbai in the morning. So it was evening by the time we reached on top. From there to Konkan Kada is another hour of hike.


Not wanting to miss the sunset, we walked fast but rain played spoilsport. It was only a drizzle but sky became cloudy, and when we reached Konkan Kada, it was nearly dark. We could see the colourful evening sky but no setting sun, that too only for a few minutes.

As rain pitter-pattered, we hurriedly pitched the tents, chasing away a few buffaloes who were not willing to go back after a full day of grazing. A few of us went in search of firewood, which was now moist.


Soon it became dark, the darkest hour before moonrise. Hungry and tired were we, but we had to cook first. Nearest stream was 5 minutes away. A few went to fetch water; others set out to make a couple of hearths. Making the moist firewood catch fire was the toughest part. Even with the help of chef’s fuel, it took a long time.


Maggi soup with noodles got over in a matter of few minutes. After the bread and chana course, lemon rice didn’t have much takers.

Soon the plateau got flooded with moonlight. We kept aside the flashlights and enjoyed the serenity till the warm tents and sleeping bags became too irresistible to our tired bodies.


Next day, making tea and breakfast turned out to be tougher than preparing dinner. Firewood was moister; water was colder. It took almost an hour to boil water for tea. Breakfast was bread, egg bhurji (eggs were carefully carried to the top, each of us taking turns), and maggi noodles, of course. So we too have a maggi story to tell! Leftover rice was gobbled up by our porters.

We chose to camp a little before Konkan Kada to avoid tents getting flown away by the strong breeze. So after breakfast, we dismantled the tents, cleaned up the campsite, and headed for the magnificent Konkan Kada.



Overwhelmed! Nothing more to say. And, no camera can capture this stupendous beauty.

This trek was organised by Nature Knights. The toughest trekking trail to Harischandragad is Nali-Chi-Vaat and is very dangerous. We did this trek via Tolar Kind, from the base village Khireshar. This is one of the popular routes but not an easy one. Khireshwar can be reached from Mumbai via Kalyan-Murbad-Malshej Ghat-Khubi Phata. It is about 100 km from Kalyan.

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  1. Very interesting to know about Harishchandargarh trek. Our adventure club GHAC organizes treks to the same but I have never participate in them, looks like I should…

  2. Sounds wonderful. I can imagine the drop off of Konkan Kada. The place should be a carpet of green during monsoons. Nice captures!

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