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    Of Faith & Creativity – Part II

    Most of us have grown up with the philosophy of seeing God in everything – in every stone, every tree, every human being, every animal and what not. Roadside temples are not anything new in India. We have earlier written about a tree with a slight resemblance to an elephant’s trunk turning into Ganpathi idol and a street side temple. (Of Faith & Creativity). This is another interesting version. A huge rock in the Matheran hills turning into another massive Ganpathi. Clever use of colours and artistic rendering have converted this huge rock into a divine statue complete with a…

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    A Copy Writer’s Passion!

    Did you know how well they make modular kitchens in Belgaum ? Well, a copy writer who wrote this advertisement copy for this brand in Belgaum seem to know. And a passionate copy writer he/she is. We saw this on the back cover of Belguam-Dharwad-Hubli Yellow pages, published by a private publisher in Belguam.

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    Another Guess. What Is a Cabel Duck?

    Ask any biologist or an expert in ducks. They will tell you that there are a variety of ducks. Appleyard, Crested Ducks, Indian Runners, etc. But what is a Cabel Duck? Even experts are at a loss.   We found this board in a hotel in Mangalore. If you can guess this, leave a comment.