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Of Faith & Creativity – Part II

Most of us have grown up with the philosophy of seeing God in everything – in every stone, every tree, every human being, every animal and what not. Roadside temples are not anything new in India. We have earlier written about a tree with a slight resemblance to an elephant’s trunk turning into Ganpathi idol and a street side temple. (Of Faith & Creativity).


This is another interesting version. A huge rock in the Matheran hills turning into another massive Ganpathi. Clever use of colours and artistic rendering have converted this huge rock into a divine statue complete with a mouse at its feet.


This interesting piece of art is visible during the train ride from Neral to Matheran. The trekking route from Peb Fort to Matheran also passes through this new temple.


4 Comments on “Of Faith & Creativity – Part II

  1. PNS: Yes, it’s quite interesting how people find ways to express their creativity. 🙂

    kirigalpoththa: It’s a rockface pointed like a Ganapathi; the head is attached to the rock. 🙂

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