The Journey That Started With a Click

It started nine years ago (in the year 2000) from an Internet café in Chennai. Not too many net cafes. Even fewer internet connections at homes. And hardly any one had heard about matrimonial websites. While searching for jobs in www.naukri.com, the girl clicked on the banner ad of www.jeevansathi.com out of curiosity. Little did she know of the life-altering events that were about to happen with that one click. She registered her profile (was free at that time) with no expectation of anyone even giving a second glance as her demands – no dowry, simple marriage and such – were not conventional. But that was a time when online matrimonial ads were also not conventional. Within 24 hours she got a response. It looked like this guy was waiting for her profile. And for her, it was the man of her dreams!

Dot com boomed. Love bloomed. Fibre and copper cables lay silent as they exchanged feelings at speeds ranging from 32kbps to 48kbps. (Broadband policy was not announced then).

Then they met, talked and had tea. Gave some time to think it over. Again they met, walked and talked. And decided to walk the long road ahead together.

A simple marriage ceremony followed, attended only by close family and friends. And they lived happily ever after.

Today, 5th of September, it’s been nine years since thecouple started their journey together. We thank everyone, who we’ve met so far and who we will meet in future, for this wonderful journey.

Wishing ourselves a happy anniversary…

(Thanks Nimesh, for capturing this moment during a recent trek)

24 Comments on “The Journey That Started With a Click

  1. Dear Couple .. please dont go by what Diya has suggested. Please dont walk long miles before you guys sleep. I though the whole idea of getting married is to not to have to walk for miles. 😛

  2. WOW…you folks are true netizens.

    Best wishes for many many more such wonderful anniversaries. This one is from Thomas & Shilpy.

  3. This surely will be made into a movie someday. Mallu movie with English sub titles or vice versa, with a preview on youtube.com. Congratulations to both. Good way to get strings attached with last mile connectivity. 🙂

  4. beautiful story.. almost like a movie….. wish both of you a wonderful life ahead….

    we too must be grateful for the way you met since we get to read such wonderful stuff!

    had to post again since my last comment somehow got posted before i finished….

  5. Superb 🙂 & Inspiring !! DIGITAL LOVE STORY OF A DIGITAL COUPLE. I likes !! A very Happy Anniversary, Bindhu & Unny !! Have a Great – Memorable- Journey Ahead..!! CHEERIO.

  6. wow… wat a beautiful story… even though i knew of it… it was beautiful to read it 🙂 Happy anniversary to both of you… wish u both a life filled with happiness, smiles, togetherness & looots of blessings…. 🙂

  7. Wish you both a very happy anniversary. Wonderful story – it made my day. I am inspired to take my wife out on a date 🙂

  8. Congratulations TWaC!!! Beautiful story and very well told. I had the pleasure of going on across Western ghats with such a wonderful couple. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience during the trip. 🙂

  9. congratulations!!!! wish you both a very happy anniversary!!! beautiful picture and your journey seems to get ever so beautiful with each passing day…always keep smiling!!!

  10. thanks for sharing this story 🙂 what a lovely way to start my day! happy anniversary, B and U – and many many more happy years together…

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