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The Pleasure of Meeting Them …

Traveling and blogging have opened up a whole lot of interesting experiences for us. Of which, one we cherish the most is the blogger friends. After interacting with them online for some time, meeting them in person (that too unexpectedly) adds to this pleasure.

Thomas and Shilpy of Walkthewilderness ( is another couple-blogger like us. Passionate about wildlife and photography, their blog is a visual delight. Thomas has been generous to us with his tips on photography. We were looking forward to meet them at the auditions for the Great Driving Challenge. After three fun-filled days, the exuberant Thomas and composed Shilpy have become our friends in the real world too.


Our neighbours are always excited about our travels and adventures. When their brother-in-law from Bhopal visited them, they became eloquent about us. They didn’t know that the brother-in-law and we were already online friends. It was a surprise to open the door and see the smiling face of P N Subramanian, whose blogs are a treasure trove of history, archaeology, travel and numismatics. He writes in Hindi ( and English (, though we manage to read only the English one.


We are now sure that more will follow…

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